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JJ's Garden – 2017 Tour Information


JJ Gillispie has been gardening for many years in Mariposa County and is now downsizing and experimenting with container gardening. She uses various types of raised beds, including a large pine tree that was used for the sides of a raised bed while chippings from the same tree were added to the growing medium as organic material to improve it. Horse manure is a key component of the growing medium, and drip irrigation is used to conserve water. The "fruits" of her labor – pun intended – are phenomenal. Seeing JJ's highly successful methods of container growing are a must to see.

6505 Highway 49 North, Mariposa

Driving directions: From Mariposa, drive 6.5 miles on Highway 49 North. Located just past Mt. Ophir Road, across from the white chef mailbox.