Yosemite Crystals

Mariposa Farms and Ranches


Locally Mined Gifts And Souvenirs

Yosemite crystals brings you the finest gifts and souvenirs, mine direct, from our beautiful 45 acre mine in Mariposa California. With deep gold rush roots, or property is a serene and quiet location for our gold mine tours. Sit and pan for gold where goldrush began with John C Fremont and his troops. The town of Agua Fria sprung up to be the county seat of Mariposa County because of all the gold production. Today, a little Meadow sits in a forgotten gold rush town. We would like to think we are helping revive gold mining, while we teach others the history of our beloved Mariposa!

Yosemite Cystals will display products at and demonstrate gold panning at Butterfly Creek from 10 AM to 5 PM on September 30th!